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Published: 13th October 2008
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Zurvita is founded on three core principles:

• Create a company that glorifies God,

• Create strong but humble leadership and

• Create an environment where people can win at every level.

At Zurvita every corporate and executive decision is accountable to these three principles.

Zurvita's Mission is to form a company that focuses on offering unmatched personal services and exceptional value to the consumer by providing access to services and benefits that are not readily available to the average person. The strength of our product line and our unique compensation plan offers every individual the opportunity to win at every level.

Zurvita's purpose is To develop life-time relationships with our customers and business partners based on the exceptional value of our services and personal attention they receive. We are committed to the financial stability and future of our representatives by consciously offering products of exceptional value along with a compensation plan that will enhance an individual's ability to earn a reasonable part time income as well as the ability to achieve financial independence with a full time effort.

Zurvita's Leadership is Mark Jarvis, Founder and President of Zurvita, has 26 years of experience in the direct marketing industry and has successfully built a 7- figure personal income. Although he had achieved great personal success with good companies and good products, he still felt something was missing. He was constantly confronted with the reality that others with more ability were not able to accomplish the same. It was this heartfelt desire and commitment to the success of others that caused him to set out on a mission to build Zurvita, a company that would truly help people win at every level.

Zurvita is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Amacore Group Inc., a provider of cutting edge products and benefits in healthcare and other niche benefit markets. Amacore Group is backed by Vicis, a hedge fund with over 4.5 Billion Dollars in assets. We have aligned ourselves with consultants that have worked with some of the top companies in the industry and who bring decades of practical experience to our executive team. Zurvita has partnered with one of the top IT providers in the country presently serving Billion dollar companies in the Network Marketing industry. Zurvita's management team is comprised of individuals and companies that will take us to great heights in becoming a giant in the industry.

Zurvita's Flagship is Zurvita Choice by MXenergy gives you peace of mind, allowing you to lock in energy prices with up to a three year fixed term rate! Choose the rate plan that's best for you so you can manage your finances throughout the year.

Zurvita's plan is simple: When energy rates go up, yours don't!

Zurvita has partnered with companies that are major players in their respective markets. MXenergy, the supplier of Zurvita Choice by MXenergy, is one of largest natural gas and electricity suppliers in the country, serving nearly half a million customers in 14 states and 39 markets. Amacore, the parent company of Zurvita, works with a variety of partners to educate, advocate, present, and provide consumers with the many options available to them. They work with Fortune 500 companies to create affordable healthcare solutions for individuals, families, and businesses across the country.

If you are performing your personal due diligence on Zurvita, you are undoubtedly realizing that this is a company that has all the ingredients to secure your future in the industry of network marketing. Timing, relevant products, innovative compensation plan, stable backing and top notch leadership make Zurvita the clear choice for someone looking for a long-term home in Network Marketing.

Stable Backing Is In a time where network marketing companies are started in home offices, second bedrooms with not much more than flashy websites, it's refreshing to know that your chosen company has the backing and stability of a strong public company. Zurvita is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Amacore Group Inc., a provider of cutting edge products and benefits in healthcare and other niche benefit markets. Amacore Group is backed by Vicis, a hedge fund with over 4.5 Billion Dollars in assets.

Zurvita Business Review,

Zurvita is a young company with all the right elements to be a billion dollar giant in the industry. That's a big statement right? But if you do your due diligence on Zurvita, you'll find founders who were field leaders in network marketing, earning a 7-figure income. You'll find a financially sound, publicly traded parent company. You'll find financially sound product partners and more.

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